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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a condition that usually develops in the thigh, pelvis and calf, and is characterized by the development of blood clots. Less frequently, clots can form in the abdomen, arms, and chest. In certain patients Deep Vein Thrombosis can result in a very dangerous consequence known as pulmonary embolism (PE). PE happens when a blood clot breaks free, flows through the bloodstream, and embeds itself in the lungs. This obstructs the blood flow through the pulmonary artery and causes the heart and lung to collapse. Even with rapid medical intervention, a sizable embolism can result in death within hours.


Recognizing the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis DVT can be difficult. Individuals often complain of tenderness, pain, and swelling which are often common to various other unrelated conditions. At times, mild symptoms can even disguise major clotting. For these reasons, a suspicion of DVT must be confirmed with some form of venous testing. The most commonly used diagnostic test is venous ultrasound, a painless, non-invasive procedure that allows a specialist to visualize clots and inflammation inside and near veins. Once diagnosed, the condition is regularly treatable with drug therapy, and occasionally, mechanical devices.



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