Saphenous Nerve Injuries and Varicose Vein Treatment

I saw a patient this week that had vein treatment years ago using an older laser device to close her saphenous veins.  She presented to our clinic about concerns for skin sensitivity and pain that has been present since treatment in 2009.  Although nerve injuries are not common with vein procedures, they still happen.  The incidence with endovenous laser is less than five percent, and when it occurs, it typically resolves over the following 4-6 weeks.

Visit to Raleigh North Carolina – Varicose Veins & Compression Therapy

I was honored to be invited to Raleigh, North Carolina to provide insight to the phlebology practice for approximately fifty sales representatives and managers of a company focused on providing the best in compression therapy.  There are a number of way to effectively manage varicose and spider veins, yet many of those selling compression products fail to have a true understanding of what happens in a dedicated vein center.