Saphenous Nerve Injuries and Varicose Vein Treatment

I saw a patient this week that had vein treatment years ago using an older laser device to close her saphenous veins.  She presented to our clinic about concerns for skin sensitivity and pain that has been present since treatment in 2009.  Although nerve injuries are not common with vein procedures, they still happen.  The incidence with endovenous laser is less than five percent, and when it occurs, it typically resolves over the following 4-6 weeks.

 In this instance, it is unclear what path the symptoms will take.  This patient had treatment with an older laser that closes veins nicely, yet has a significantly different complication rate compared to the equipment we use.  I believe this is an example where technology makes a significant difference.  I believe anyone would love to have the appearance of this patient’s legs, yet the discomfort and pain from a persistent nerve injury represent a significant problem.  This case and subsequent symptoms are a suggestion for why patients should choose wisely when selecting options for varicose vein treatment.

 The Lafayette Regional Vein & Laser Center offers the latest in proven technologies with a safety profile that is unmatched.  If you are searching for answers to your varicose vein concerns, Dr. Schul and his friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to serve you.