Visit to Raleigh North Carolina – Varicose Veins & Compression Therapy

I was honored to be invited to Raleigh, North Carolina to provide insight to the phlebology practice for approximately fifty sales representatives and managers of a company focused on providing the best in compression therapy.  There are a number of way to effectively manage varicose and spider veins, yet many of those selling compression products fail to have a true understanding of what happens in a dedicated vein center.

 During a detailed interactive session with the audience, we discussed what happens during a typical consultation, when and what we use for compression for a variety of varicose vein disease patterns.  Using video of thermal ablation, images of microphlebectomy, and chemical ablation, the attendees demonstrated a much greater appreciation of how a vein specialist strives to help patients through a variety of vein treatment options.

 Our practice is somewhat unique in that we offer experience and service excellence in a wide variety of procedures including endovenous laser, radiofrequency obliteration, ClosureFAST, compression therapy, chemical ablation (sclerotherapy for large or small veins) microphlebectomy, and laser/pulsed light services. 

I believe my ten years of experience permitted an unbiased approach regarding how and why different procedures are performed.  From my personal perspective, I believe that more compression companies and sales representatives should pursue an opportunity to observe a day in a vein clinic.  Activities like these help share knowledge about epidemics of ‘blood clots’ and leg ulcers, in addition to the prevalence of venous disease and the current treatment options.