Meet Dr. Marlin Schul

It all started when…

Dr. Marlin Schul was born in Kalamzoo, Michigan. From an early age, he was exposed to animal bones his father brought home to study as he was getting his veterinary degree at Michigan State University. Dr. Schul attended school in Huntington Indiana before graduating and moving toward a career pursuit in medicine at Indiana University. 


Marlin W Schul, MD, MBA, RVT, FAVLS

Dr. Schul is the only full-time specialist in the greater Lafayette area. He specializes in treating superficial venous disease using a variety of options including Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT), radiofrequency obliteration (Venacure), MOCA (ClariVein), endovenous adhesive therapy (VenaSeal), microphlebectomy, small and large vein chemical ablation with FDA approved solutions including Varithena, compression therapy, and blood clot management. Dr. Schul and his team have been on the forefront of cutting edge research for over two decades, helping to forge better treatment options for patients in need. If you have a vein problem we have a solution.