Facial Veins

Facial veins help drain the tissues of the head and neck and yet some people find prominent veins a burden to their daily lives. These may present as purple veins over the nose, blushing or flushed micro-vessels of the cheeks, and venous lakes of the lips from remote bite lesions as a child. All of these lesions have a source, and most are benign. The key begins with a diagnosis and from there a care plan may be initiated. No matter what the concern, we likely have a treatment option that could involved topical remedies, to phototherapy using broadband light (BBL), surface laser therapy, or injection sclerotherapy.

Rosacea is a common condition and Dr. Schul suffers from this disorder. He receives laser therapy every few months to keep this condition in check. The vasculature of Rosacea is triggered by environmental exposures, foods or beverages consumed, and stress. This is a chronic condition that not only benefits from photo-revelation, but also cosmeceuticals to help clean the skin, reduce inflammation, hydrate and heal the vessels deep to the surface. If you have vessels of the face that are concerning you, please contact us to schedule a consultation. We are here to help!