Insurance FAQ

Don’t insurance companies consider varicose veins a cosmetic problem?

  • Varicose veins cause symptoms of leg heaviness, aching, swelling, throbbing, and itching and are recognized as a medical condition eligible for coverage by most insurance companies. In severe cases, patients may develop open sores or blood clots that will likely recur unless definitive vein treatment is provided.

Will my insurance company pay for my treatment?

  • Each patient has a unique limb and unique needs. We will help you identify your burden of cost. Many plans require a deductible, copay, and co-insurance through a certain level, e.g. a $2000 deductible means that the 1 st $2000 of medical/surgical services in a given year are the patient’s responsibility.

  • Before treatment we will communicate with your insurance carrier and request prior authorization for the services needed to manage your vein condition. A cost estimate may be provided to further help you understand what is expected to be paid by the carrier and what your responsibility will be.

What treatments are recognized by insurance companies?

  • We have many ways to treat veins and will request those treatments most suitable for your condition and your preferences. We understand the policies of the major carriers and Medicare in our region and will advise you accordingly to help avoid unnecessary denials.

I cannot afford to pay for vein treatment all at one time, what options do you offer?

  • Whether high deductible or cosmetic burden there are costs associated with vein care. We expect payment up front for all services and when needed, we offer Card Credit. Care Credit allows you to finance your care over time. If you are interested in Care Credit, we will be happy to assist you in learning more.

When should I have treatment?

  • We believe that 90% of patients present with quality of life impairment and we believe it is a decision that patients should make when they are ready. When patients are having complications related to their veins (blood clots, leg ulcers, bleeding) it is imperative that they have treatment in the near term.